About Us

Hello and welcome to Food Safety Africa.

As Africans we have a responsibility to change the narrative in the Food & Agro sector.

Food Safety is currently not a priority in Africa however things are beginning to change especially because of the growing middle class who desire wholesome food.

Also, because there is not enough awareness and knowledge on food safety risks along with inadequate understanding of safe handling and storage of food by the public, we seek to contribute to solving these problems thereby advance food safety majorly in Africa and the world at large. We will also share the results of food safety research being carried out in African universities and research institutes.

We do believe that food safety is everyone’s responsibility and that for us to make significant leap in food safety in Africa, we need more leadership, research, innovation and collaboration. 

I invite you to join us in a bid to change how Africans treat food safety issue all over the continent. Together, we can do great things.

Safe food.  Healthier Africa

'Tosin Badeniyi
Tosin Badeniyi (Founder)